Close-up magic, sometimes referred to as 'table' or 'walkaround' magic is perhaps the most direct, versatile and entertaining form of magic. It fits into any venue and provides high levels of audience interaction and involvement. Whilst watching magic on stage may well be impressive, there is a certain falseness and intangible nature to the display.

When people watch magicians on television, they feel this falseness too…and so to see magic happening just as on T.V. but right in front of their eyes can be a truly astounding experience.

With no cameras, smoke or mirrors, armed with only an understanding of his audience, Jonathan is able to create the sensation of profound impossibility in his performances, leaving his audiences speechless and asking for more.

Close up magic fits in almost anywhere. Whether it's walking round a drinks reception, between courses at a dinner, even in your own home: Jonathan's highly-skilled and dynamic performance is sure to give your guests something to remember. Given the high rates charged by many magicians, affordable magic is a huge bonus and adds unusual intrigue for anyone wishing to make their event a talking point.

Credit: The Twins Weddings @thetwinsweddings

I like to promote exploration. You're not sat metres from the stage, you're taking part in the performance at close-quarters…and still without a clue how it's done.


Vanishing a whole deck of cards in front of your eyes, making a borrowed coin reappear under a spectator’s watch, or using psychology to ‘guess’ the name a person is thinking of are all examples of effects Jonathan performs right under people’s noses. Jonathan enjoys magic with everyday objects — you’ll be amazed at the versatility even an innocent deck of playing cards can offer, in the right hands.

Credit: Darren Edmonds, (DJM Photography) www.djmphotography.co.uk.

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