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If you’re booking a magician for your event, you might have some questions about how magic can integrate into your proceedings, how long you should book for, when it should start, and how it fits around other entertainment.

Below, we’ve answered some of the commonest queries on close-up magic, helping you consider how you’d like to best use Jonathan to make your event that little bit more special.


Jonathan is a member of the Newcastle Magic Circle


Close-up magic fits in perfectly in a variety of settings, from entertaining guests between courses at a wedding breakfast, to mingling at a drinks reception or in your home. Jonathan offers adaptable entertainment to suit your event. 

Walkaround magic

Jonathan mingles amongst guests, usually whilst everyone is standing. This performance style is ideally suited to parties in homes or gardens, or for breaking the ice at a drinks reception prior to a sit-down meal.

Table magic

During a sit-down meal, Jonathan moves table to table, entertaining guests between courses. Table seating provides the perfect-sized captive audience and gets everyone talking. 


At larger events like weddings, Jonathan often does a mixture of walkaround and table magic - meeting your guests during the drinks reception, and following them through to their meal. Equally a combination of table and walkaround magic is very well suited to events with a buffet.

Whether it’s walk around, table magic, or a combination of the two - there’s no difference in pricing, it’s just up to you!

Credit: Sarah-Jane Ethan (Sarah-Jane Ethan Photography)


2 hours of magic is usually recommended for weddings with between 80-160 guests. For smaller gatherings of around 40 people or fewer, one to one-and-a-half hours may suffice. For 200 guests or more, you might wish to consider adding a second magician! Jonathan knows and has worked alongside many performers in the region and would be more than happy to advise. These are very rough guides and Jonathan would be happy to discuss this further. 

Best to let people get settled a little first — then the magic can begin…


The ideal time to start performing is around half an hour after your guests arrive at a venue. This gives people a chance to greet friends, grab a drink, overcome initial distractions, and start to relax. It’s also the point at which people start to break off into small groups - ideal for meeting a magician!


Pricing depends on the type of job (charity, party etc), where it is and of course when and how long for. Please feel free to enquire via the Booking Enquiries page, or get in touch on

Jonathan’s pricing is competitive with other regional professionals. Please note that for performances where extensive travelling is required (e.g. between cities) an additional charge may be added to cover expenses incurred in reaching the venue and any accommodation needed.

I much prefer being better value for money and coming back … I really enjoy performing for those people who invite me back again and again.

Credit: Sarah-Jane Ethan (Sarah-Jane Ethan Photography)

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